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Koocanusa – SweetWater BC

| Uncategorized | June 6, 2016

Its a VLX!

Exclusive Koocanusa Boat Rental

in Sweetwater BC

Deep Hull for comfortOffering Rentals at Lake Koocanusa based out of Sweetwater BC.

Our boat is the best bang for the buck you can find anywhere in the East Kootenay Region.

This Wakesetter is the highest standard of Wakeboarding boat on the market.

The Malibu Wakesetter VLX is nothing short of being the most unbelievable boat to operate, and one just has to drive it to appreciate the comfort, handling, and detail put into the design of this luxury boat.

The Wakestter VLX is also the official towboat of the most prestigious professional tournaments in the world, including the Wakeboard World Championships, Wakestock of Canada, Wakeboard Collegiate Nationals and the Malibu Wakeboard Championships. It’s a must that you compare the quality difference before considering your next rental boat.


Boat Description: Malibu Wakesetter VLX


Options:CD/Stereo, Hot water shower, Heater, Wedge, 2500 lbs Under floor ballast, Sun deck, VDrive, Bimini top, Custom Surf Tab System for Hassle Free Riding


1 Day                             $800 plus refundable security deposit

Weekend (3 days)   $1800 plus refundable security deposit

1 Week (7 Day)         $2500 per week plus refundable security deposit

Long Weekend Add On $500


These Prices are extended exclusively to the SweetWater BC community at Lake Koocanusa. Hassle Free boat rental opportunity for those looking to enjoy the sunshine!


Contact us to setup your booking or answer any questions you may have


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Also offering Cottage Rentals on the hills of Sweetwater BC on Beautiful Lake Koocanusa. Stay in this great location in the summertime, Fall, Winter, or Spring!

Summer months can include the use of our Wakesetter Boat for an all included package. This is a great way to enjoy the lake lifestyle without the cost of ownership. Rent a Cabin near the water.

The Area Offers plenty of Crown Land to explore on your Side by Side, Razor (RZR), Dirt Bike or Quad. With a Clean and warm lake (Koocanusa) just down the hill. These Cabins will have you close to the action ready to be rented for weekend, or weekly use.

Stay Tuned for more details.

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House for Rent in Airdrie: Application and Info

| Uncategorized | March 11, 2016


Most likely you are visiting this page because you have responded to an ad online about a rental property we have to offer. I’m sure you have a number of questions for me. I also have a bunch of questions for you. We make every effort to provide our rentals exactly as presented. To do this we must have a very thorough application process.

The process begins actually right here. Below you will find a series of questions that I like to ask of potential renters. These questions help us match the right tenant to the home. Some properties are more suited for a certain kind of person. We have had a lot of success in matching the right property with the right person using this method.

It is important that you answer all questions as accurately as possible. You will notice that I do not ask for any specific information. You do not have to tell me where exactly you work, just that you do work. If you are uncomfortable answering any of the questions you are free to leave them blank. Keep in mind that I can only base how suitable you are on the information provided. Incomplete applications will make it a lot harder to figure out if we have a property that will suit you.

Please take a moment and fill out the application below.


Anton and Kelly English Have been renting out their personal Home’s for many years. We have some long term tenants who love living at our Properties. We allow pets and have very few restrictions. We come through for you where other landlords turn their back. Try us out!



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Rent a Boat and enjoy your family time even more!

| Uncategorized | June 29, 2015

3Rent the highest standard of Wakeboarding boat on the market.

The Malibu Wakesetter VLX falls nothing short of being the most unbelievable boat of the year to operate, and one just has to drive it to appreciate the comfort, handling, and detail put into the design of this luxury boat. The Wakestter VLX is also the official towboat of the most prestigious professional tournaments in the world, including the Wakeboard World Championships, Wakestock of Canada, Wakeboard Collegiate Nationals and the Malibu Wakeboard Championships. It’s a must that you compare price and quality difference before considering your next rental boat.


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Custom Website for your Rental

| Uncategorized | October 11, 2014

Technology Internet Websites StandingPosting your rental on sites such as Kijiji, Craigslist, or even ToyRentals.ca is a great way to get random traffic. Having your own personal website adds that finishing touch to your business and allows you to better handle the traffic flow and manage your time required to make the final sale. We provide many ways for you to achieve similar results.

Some of the advantages of having your own custom website are listed below

  •  generate more bookings
  • look more professional
  • promote your property via social media
  • get listed on search engine like Google
  • add credibility to your ads with a web address
  • save time on customer inquiries by sending them the link

The options available to you are listed below in order of cheapest to more expensive


FREE Utilize our FREE “Author Summary Page” built into this website. It automatically updates with your latest ads and provides a spot to put your company or personal biography including links to your Social Media accounts.

You can see a sample of that here


To get started simply Create a FREE New User ID, and then begin posting your FREE ads on this site. Then be sure to include your new link on all your listings found on other sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, etc…… This way everyone will see the same information and you can better manage all your rentals in one place (here)


Basic 1 page link – For only $50 you can create your single “Gateway” page to all your specific listings. This is a great way to showcase the rentals you have. With this purchase you will get one specific page created just for you. It will be a shortened URL so you can make custom decals to put on all your rentals to drive even more traffic to your company.

You can check out an example of this here


You can even select your own domain name that follows ToyRentals.ca/YOUR DOMAIN HERE


Your website will be built by an expert web designer to help SELL your products or services and generate new leads.

No final payment until you are 100% satisfied!

Here is our unbeatable most popular package
1. A Beautiful, 5 Page Website
2. Clean Functionality
3. Responsive Web Design
4. Mobile-Ready Website
6. SEO Friendly Web Design
7. Submission to all Search Engines
8. Social Media Integration
9. Keyword Planning
10. Hosting (if needed)
11. Contact form

Due to the time required to create these sites the cost does rise over the other 2 offerings. This standard site will cost you around $1000 plus any hosting requirements and domain name charges.


SPECIAL OFFER to ToyRental.ca Members

Get your 5 page website built for FREE when you purchase 1 year of support. This is the best offer around. You will get your custom built website absolutely free, and get 1 full year of support for any content updates or theme changes. This eliminates most the risk on setting up your business and allows you to focus on more important things, like finding more customers and closing the deals.

For more information on any of these packages you can always contact us by using the form below.

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How this actually works

| Uncategorized | February 19, 2014

The number one question I get from people looking at this site is

I don’t understand how this works, can you explain it?

Your Business Here

An example of how this same concept works in the physical world. We just created a space online that does the same thing

Think of a commercial building complex. These are built by investors as a place for people to come and establish their business . They charge you a monthly fee for their use, and you happily go about building your brand.

Sure you could build your own complex and use it for your own use. but that requires a lot of money that could be used growing your business in other ways.

We have built an online version of a Commercial Building Complex at www.ToyRentals.ca. Now we are offering those spaces up for lease. The craziest thing is that this space is free.

You have the option to buy a membership which will help make your space more unique and customizable. But the base service is always free!

This is a sample of what your personal web space would like like with all your ads posted

This is a sample of what your personal web space would like like with all your ads posted

We actively advertise this entire site, which gets your space advertised too! We work with Google to make sure your site is showing up in search engines. We work with content providers to get traffic coming in to the site. And we work with you to actively market your business and get it growing steadily.

Free VS Paid Membership

FREE Membership

Free – 90 day listings

Paid – 1 Year listings (per listing)

Paid – Featured Listings


PAID Membership

Free – 90 day listings

Free – 1 Year listings (Unlimited)

Paid – Featured Listings


I know this sounds too good to be true. Try it and see!


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| Uncategorized | February 18, 2014

What is this site?

This site is a place where owners of items such as RV’s, ATV’s, Quads, Snow Mobiles, Boats, etc can point potential customers to. This is your home to manage your rental from. It is your website! Your link remains active as long as you have an active account here. That gives you the certainty needed to actually advertise and send potential customers here.

You can get a really good explanation of it here

Why should I advertise here?

Most Simply because you can, and its free! If you got one more rental from having a space on here would that be worth it?

Will my web space always be free?

Yes. There will always be a free option to having a space on this website. As with most sites there are premium options as well. But utilizing them is a choice you can make based on your needs, not our requirements

How do I manage my ad’s?

Every account gets their own private dashboard. From this dashboard you can add information about yourself and your business. You can also add or edit your rentals to make it more effective

What are the advantages to putting my ad on here vs Kijiji or Craigslist?

There are many reasons why you should have an ad on here as well as kijiji or craigslist. This is not a replacement for those services. Kijiji is a great place to get traffic to your rental. Unlike kijiji you have the ability to add HTML code to your listings here. That means you can

  • embed a youtube video with a walkthrough of your rental. This will increase legitimacy for your rental and help build trust
  • Include an interactive rental calendar using services such as Google Calendar
  • Comment options at the bottom of your listing. Giving prior renters the ability to comment on their rental experience with you
  • Include hyperlinks to other media of your choosing
  • Even add samples of your rental documents for prospective renters to download and view prior to contacting you.

All these features allow your rental to be more hands off. You can provide all the information that a prospective renter would need. This frees you from answering emails all day and concentrate on making actual bookings.

What Features can we expect moving forward?

We have a number of new features in the works. Some are going to be back end enhancements that will make the user experience more smooth, but not easily noticed.

Some of the features you will see in the future are

  • Ability to bump your ad back to the top. This will keep your links active but make you the top ad in your category.
  • Featured Ad Time limit choices. This will allow you to feature your ad for 1 week, 4 weeks, or the lifetime of the ad. Using this at the right time will give maximum exposure with minimal investment
  • Improved Search functions. You will be able to exclude or include certain criteria for your search to you can more easily find what you are looking for
  • Improved Filtering of search results. Filter by date posted, price, title, or author
  • Authorship ranking system. This makes more ownership for rental owners to get a good ranking and maintain it. It also allows prospective renters to know how well that persons rentals have gone in the past

And many many more exciting options that will grow as the site grows

I see you have ads on this site, why?

I need to allow ads to bring in some money in order to keep this site free for end users. This is no different than what Kijiji does, Google, Facebook or anyone else. Most people don’t even pay attention to the ads anyway. If you see something that interests you please check it out. We get paid by you clicking the ads. It helps us and it may help you too.

What if I have a question not answered here?

We cant put all the answers on here. If you didn’t find what you are looking for be sure to post your question in the comment form below. Someone will answer it as quickly as possible

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Vinyl Decal Exclusive Deal

| Uncategorized | February 18, 2014

As a member of Toy Rentals you are invited to take advantage of exclusive decal pricing.

Rent me decals for your private rentalThere is no better way to advertise your rental than to put decals on the side letting the world know how to find you, and how easy this can be.

Pricing is adjusted based on your specific decal needs. We can do any size you like. and have it shipped to you quickly.

Getting your order is easy too.

  • Simply send an email with the text you wish to have cut out
  • the dimensions of your text
  • and the color choice.

All our vinyl is outdoor premium 7 year rated. It holds up to the elements and wont fade or crack.

There is no obligation to purchase. Get your free quote today



vinyl decal

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Hello world!

| Uncategorized | January 9, 2014

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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